Facility Services

TLE has a long experience in building management, building system operations and building maintenance. As a commercial facility management company, we manage different types of facilities – office buildings, college universities, administration buildings, trade and entertainment centers, hospitals, and hotels.

Supplies & Equipment

Our innovative approach to utilizing the most powerful tools available to the industry strengthens our ability to deliver the most high quality, cost effective services available. 

As a testament to our sustainability efforts, TLE has become CIMS GB Certified, with Honors. 
This elite accreditation represents the nationally recognized quality management standard for cleaning, as indicated by the ISSA. This certification affirms that we have met all of the standards in the following 6 areas of Management Best Practices: 

  • Quality systems
  • Service delivery
  • Human resources
  • Health, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Management commitment
  • Green Building (GB)

This is a great accomplishment for TLE, and validates our commitment to quality, and environmental sustainability.


TLE uses high quality Bio-Based products, equipment and supplies from the following manufacturers:

We work closely with our valued partners to provide only the best chemicals and supplies from well known, reputable manufacturers. Our Green Cleaning program promotes health and sustainability.

Cleaning Product Vision: To provide excellent cleaning services using bio-based products that are clean and safe for the environment.

Works® Concentrated Cleaners
Powerful Naturally Derived Cleaning Concentrates
Clean without compromise with concentrated cleaners designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cleaning.


TLE provides all supplies and equipment necessary to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Our investment in technology has helped us to achieve optimum efficiency in all aspects of our services. Our innovative approach to utilizing the most powerful tools available to the industry has allowed us to excel in our ability to deliver high quality, cost effective services.

We are continuously researching the newest trends in supplies and equipment to ensure that we stay current on the technical advancements available to us that will enhance our services. 

We work closely with suppliers, who are a vital part of our team. Due to our large purchasing volume, we have secured contracts that allow us significant cost savings over retail pricing, and we pass that savings along to our clients.

Sophisticated equipment has made it possible for us to boost employee productivity and increase efficiency by reducing hours spent on nightly tasks.

We work with high quality machinery from partners such as:
Tennant™ Nobles™ Windsor ™ Pro-Team™

All equipment purchases are specially customized to fit the individual needs of each facility. 

Environmental Sustainability

We promote health and safety in the workplace by using green cleaning products and methods.

We utilize the newest procedures and technologies available to clean safety and effectively. Our mission is to improve the level of cleaning, while lessening the impact on the environment. We work closely with our clients to reach their environmental goals. We have the ability to assist with LEEDS points as well.

  • Some of the critical aspects of our green cleaning program include:
  • Green seal chemicals
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Microfiber products
  • Sustainable floor care programs
  • Low moisture carpet cleaning
  • Recycled paper products
  • Hepa filtration backpack vacuums
  • Recycling
  • Chemical proportioning systems
  • Hands free dispensers
  • Matting systems